Why are you reading this page? 

For many of you it is the thought that you would like to be in a different situation to where you are now. This is an example of motivation – the force behind an action – the reason why you do something. If you are going to get fitter / have a better lifestyle then, by definition, you are going to have to change. Change is usually difficult because there are reasons why you have your current lifestyle and you need to overcome then. 

Motivation is the all encompassing term for how you make your decisions on what actions to take to achieve your goals (through diet and exercise). 
A simple example – you are meeting your friends at the coffee shop and you are asked if you want a cake. What do you do? The answer to this will depend on you, but the key is to realise that you will have to make hundreds of small decisions about your lifestyle every day and you have to be able to make these choices between short term enjoyment and long term benefit, and live with your decision.

Now change can be a challenge, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not be hard. What will be hard is if you do not enjoy the lifestyle you have chosen (boring food, exercise that is a chore etc.) It is critical, therefore, that as part of the process of getting to the right level of activity and right diet, you keep experimenting to find things you like. This point will be picked up in both our diet and exercise sections but remember: if you don’t like it, it will be almost impossible to maintain.

Know yourself, and expect failure. This sounds negative, but is a restatement of Albert Einstein’s definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you do not help yourself by planning for situations you will find yourself in (see coffee shop example above), then why would you expect to do anything different to what you do now? As busy executives you already have a range of techniques and tools that you use to help you and your colleagues achieve both short and long term goals. You do not have to learn new skills, just apply your existing skills to yourself in the same way you do for your business.

When you do have lapses (like having that piece of cake), do not beat yourself up. Little failures and lapses will always happen. Life is meant to be enjoyed and feeling guilty every time you fall is not going to help you in the long run. What you have to do is recognise this, plan how you can resist future lapses, and stick to the grand plan.

Some Real Reasons for Change to your Lifestyle
•    Better decision making
•    Greater confidence
•    Be a better boss
•    Enjoy your job more
•    Live longer – enjoy a long and happy retirement!

Practical tips:

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