The word diet can have more than one meaning. But for our purposes DIET = what you eat and drink. For simplicity we will talk about “food” and “eating”, but this will also include “drink” and “drinking”. Getting fitter, looking and feeling better and losing weight is a virtuous circle. 

Create your lifestyle
In its simplest terms you create a lifestyle (i.e. an activity/exercise regime) that you can enjoy and be comfortable with and which provides you with enough activity to improve your muscles and flexibility. Then you work out a diet that supplements this level of activity and which you enjoy eating.

Why your body stores fat
Your body wants to store fat. Since we were cave men, our bodies have been programmed to plan for periods of famine (no not just Tesco closed for Christmas Day!) so the following statement is not quite correct. However it is a good starting point:
If energy consumed greater than energy used then you will put on fat.
If energy consumed less than energy used then you will lose fat.

Matching exercise and food intake
We are assuming that you want to be fit, and not just lose weight. This means that you will be doing some regular exercise. Regular exercise uses energy directly but also it increases muscle density. The more muscle you have the more energy these muscles use, even when you are sitting down or sleeping. 
So, if you are doing regular exercise you will be using up a reasonable amount of energy: so we need a diet to match. What we mean by this is that if your requirement is to lose weight/fat then your diet should result in you consuming less energy that you are using.

Your lifestyle change: FOREVER 

Why most diets don't work

The 6 step process

And finally…   
Don’t forget that to get the most success in your health and fitness improvement, you need to act positively in these 3 areas:

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